Top 5 Light Bulb Camera with best reviews 2023

In the increasingly security-conscious world, the security cameras are a revolutionary innovation. But what if you get a security camera that is discreet and doesn’t disturb the ambiance of your office or home? In this case, a light bulb camera might be the option that you’re searching for in your home security. 

The light bulb cameras, undoubtedly, can be a fantastic addition to your home or office security setup. It features an advanced HD video feed and alerts you through a motion sensor. Moreover, two-way audio to talk with the visitors, a night version with full HD, and many more features like this make it the best choice for home security!

Not enough information right? Look no further as we’re here for you bringing the complete overview of this powerful but unassuming security camera.

What Is A Light Bulb Security Camera?

A light bulb camera is a security camera that is integrated into a light bulb. It offers both surveillance and illumination capabilities. The camera is designed in that way to provide a convenient and discreet means to monitor your home. 

The camera can be easily installed into a standard light socket and in places of high demand for security such as in offices, outside your house, and retail stores. Some light bulb cameras also come with motion detection technology, night version, and remote monitoring capabilities. One can easily see the entire room with their high-resolution cameras in one shot. 

Why Are Light Bulb Security Cameras The Best Choice For Security?

A Light bulb security camera can be the best choice for those who are looking for a device that doesn’t need any wiring to install. Moreover, it looks stylish with great features and has a discreet security camera.

The light bulb security camera comes with high-resolution pixels. It monitors your home or office round-the-clock and sends HD photos or videos to your smartphone. Moreover, it allows you to monitor the activities of your home or office and take action accordingly. Plus, like in surveillance cameras, you don’t need to pay any extra maintenance charges. 

Moreover, the camera is built-in within an E26/E27 plug, which makes its installation as easy as a lightbulb. Here you don’t need any experience or have a deep understanding of technology to do so. Additionally, it is a multipurpose gadget that can be used as a light bulb and for voice intercom as well.

Positive And Negative Aspects Of Light Bulb Security Camera

Here are all the greatest positive and negative aspects of this camera that you should know:

Positive Aspects 

Negative Aspects 

  • User-friendly security camera 
  • Seamlessly integration 
  • Record high-quality videos 
  • Motion detection and alerts 
  • Easy installation 
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Appearance is discreet 
  • Wide coverage  
  • Blend seamlessly 
  • Affordable 
  • You can access videos from your phone 
  • Narrow field of view 
  • Lighting limitation
  • Wi-Fi-based security camera 
  • Too small security camera 

What To Know When Buying A Light Bulb Security Camera?

However, there are some considerations when buying a light bulb security camera. They’re included. 

  • Wide-angle coverage: For the field of view of the light bulb cameras, you should consider the angle and range. Choose the Smart Bulb 360-degree view for better security coverage.
  • Video quality: Opt for a lightbulb security cam that has at least 1080p resolution and better image quality. 
  • Night version: Consider a camera with night version capabilities. It will allow you to see what is happening in low-light conditions. 
  • Consider the cost: For buying a camera, determine your price and opt for a camera that fits within it. 
  • Check the additional feature: Some smart bulb security cameras come with additional features such as two-way audio, motion detection, and facial recognition. Consider all these features for choosing a smart bulb in your home. 

How To Use A Light Bulb Security Camera?

A light bulb camera is one type of security camera that can be installed in any light fixture. It is commonly used in those areas where there are no visible cameras. However, it can be used to monitor public spaces like houses, malls, and offices. Also, you can use the camera for various purposes including observing employees, monitoring your home, and checking who enters the house.

Leading Light Bulb Security Cameras 2023

For your assistance, here is an ultimate list of the leading light bulb security cameras of 2023 with reviews from our experts:


#1. Keilini Light Bulb Security Camera: Best For Outdoor Security 

Light Bulb Camera



Video resolution  3MP 
Special feature  Motion sensor, night version 



Let’s start with the Keilini light bulb camera, packed with all the amazing features you expect from a premium one. Along with the high-quality video, you’ll get alert notifications, smart facial recognition, a narrower field of view, and easy installation, almost all features right there!!


Standout Features

Reasons To Avoid

  • Multiple storages 
  • Two-way talk 
  • Real-time reminder 
  • 1080 full HD color 
  • Function only a range of distance only 

#2. GALAYOU Light Bulb Camera: Best For Overall 

Light Bulb Camera



Video resolution 2k 
Special feature Two-way audio 



Looking for a bulb security camera with the ability of great motion detection, look no further than the Galayou Light Bulb Camera! Impressively, it not only detects or follows the moving objects but also gives out white light to scare off intruders. Plus, it can deliver high-quality video and audio both night and day. 


Standout Features

Reasons To Avoid

  • 24/7 recording 
  • Motion tracking and alarm 
  • Night version colored 
  • Remote pan and tilt 
  • Support only 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi 

#3. RakeBlue Light Bulb Camera: Best For 5Ghz Wi-Fi 

Light Bulb Camera



Video resolution  1080p 
Special feature  Motion sensor, night vision 



If you have a 5GHz network, the RakeBlue Light Bulb Camera is the best option for you because it supports both 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks. The bulb camera is also equipped with two-way conversation, 4 infrared lights, 4 white lights, a support night version, color night version, and can record high-quality video even at night.  


Standout Features

Reasons To Avoid

  • Real-time alerts 
  • 4X digital zoom
  • Fast installation
  • Support mobile system 
  •  Lack of 2k Resolution 

#4. Amaryllo Zeus Light Bulb Camera: Best For Advanced Feature 

Light Bulb Camera



Video resolution 1080p 
Special feature Night vision, motion sensor 



The Amaryllo Zeus Light Bulb Camera is a perfect go-on option to set up at home, classroom, in pet monitoring, office, or anywhere. No matter where you are monitoring, their 360° Auto Tracking or Remote Pan and Tilt will ensure you the best performance you’d expect from any premium security camera. 

Besides it offers 256-bit Military Grade Encryption, human monitoring, path tracking, and pet detection. 


Standout Features

Reasons To Avoid

  • Digital zoom
  • Unlimited cloud storage support
  • Audio and motion alert type 
  • Fast facial recognition
  • Simplest installation 
  • Might have slight blind spot directly underneath the camera

#5. XVIM Light Bulb Camera: 360-degree Monitoring

Light Bulb Camera



Video resolution  1080P 
Special feature  Night vision, Motion sensor 



The XVIM light bulb camera will be an excellent choice for those who are looking for a convenient way to monitor every corner of your room or house. This innovative device combines a high-quality security camera with a light bulb. Besides, it offers 3MP HD resolution, and pan-tilt capability with remote access.  

Standout Features

Reasons To Avoid

  • Easy installation
  • TF storage card
  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • 2 way-audio
  • Doesn’t include any SD Card

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] 

How to tell if a light bulb is a camera?

The lightbulb with a hidden camera will always blink a red or green light. Moreover, their appearance looks different from the regular bulb and it gives different kinds of reflection compared to regular bulbs. 

What is the best light bulb security camera? 

Several types of light bulb security cameras offer the best features. Like RakeBlue, XVIM, WooLink, Amaryllo Zeus Keilini light bulb security cameras, and so on. 

How does a light bulb camera work?

A light bulb camera is a wireless security camera that is powered by an existing lighting fixture instead of batteries. Once it was screwed in the fixture, these devices are ready to use. you can connect to your home wireless network. 

How to set up a light bulb camera?

To set up a light bulb camera with your phone, first do the installation of it. Once the installation is done, it’ll begin to emit a wifi signal. download and install the mobile app and follow the instructions to set the camera up. 

How to install a light bulb camera?

For installing a light bulb security camera, remove the existing bulb from the fixture. Now carefully screw the lightbulb security camera just as you would a regular lightbulb. Most importantly, avoid over-tightening which can damage the camera.

Final Words

A light bulb security camera allows you to know what is happening on the inside or the outside of your house, even in your absence as well. It is a whole package of features that a security-conscious may desire for their home safety. 

It’s not only great for quick installation but also boasts lots of advanced features, perfect for your specific home needs.


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