Top 10 Best Thermostats Of 2023 | Best Thermostat Review

In today’s fast-paced world, where technologies are revolutionized, homes are becoming smart. Here even controlling the climate becomes a matter of just a fingertip. Smart home products like the thermostat are the root core for this transformation. It is the smart thing that is making the home’s climate control a breeze. 

But if you go through the markets or online shopping stores, you will see a number of thermostat brands waiting for your consideration, all claiming the best. What thermostat will be best for your home? However, no worries, as we have done the research for you today. After combing through the thousands of brands, we have picked the top ten best thermostats of 2023 for you. So, just keep reading so as not to take the hassle of searching any further. 

Best Thermostat Of 2023 With Expert’s Review! 

Here is a short run-down reviewing the 10 best thermostats of 2023 for elevating your room to the next level that you have ever thought of. 


    Our Top Picks

            Best For

Customer  Rating

Nest Thermostat

Best budget smart thermostat 

4.2 /5 

Ecobee Thermostat

The best thermostat for Alexa built-in

4.6 /5

Nest Thermostat E

Best for ease of use

4.5 /5

Sensi Thermostat

Best for energy saving or Data privacy 

4.5 /5

Ecobee3 Lite

Best Ecobee thermostat that simplifies 

4.6 /5 

Emerson Thermostat

Best for saving HVAC energy cost 

4.5 /5

Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat  

Best overall Wi-Fi thermostat 

4.4 /5

Amazon Thermostat

Best for Amazon ecosystem   

4.2 /5

Sensi Smart Thermostat

Best budget smart thermostat for Apple Home 

4.5 /5

Wyze Thermostat

Capable thermostat under $100

4.0 /5 


1. Nest Thermostat: A Programmable Thermostat

Best Thermostats


Dimension  8.4 x 8.4 x 2.7 Centimeters
Special feature  ‎Programmable
Type of controller  Google Assistant
Price  $129.99



When you are seeking an affordable, capable, or stylish thermostat, Google Nest Thermostat can be the best choice for you. The most notable feature of the product is that it is a programmable thermostat. That means it allows you to create an energy-efficient schedule via the Google app on your mobile phone. 

Moreover, if you look at the incredible Nest thermostat benefits, it can automatically turn itself down when you leave the room. Therefore, you don’t need to waste energy for cooling or heating an empty room. All in all, it offers impressive energy-saving capabilities, a seamless installation process, along with the convenience of smartphone control.

Standout Feature  Reason To Avoid 
  • Self-learning 
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to install, program, or use
  • Voice control
  • Doesn’t have zonal control. 


2. Ecobee Thermostat: A Smart Thermostat With Multi-Function Control


Dimension  4.29 x 4.29 x 1 inches
Special feature Built-in occupancy sensor
Type of controller Amazon Alexa, Google Assistance 
Price $250 



The Ecobee thermostat is an expensive thermostat that offers immense features, a sleek interface, fantastic customer service, and easy installation. 

In fact, the Ecobee smart thermostat is the best choice especially if you are an enthusiast of Amazon Alexa or otherwise want to create a connected smart home. It allows for easy integration and hand-free control into the smart home ecosystem by its virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa.

Plus, the smart sensors of the thermostats ensure you’re comfortable wherever you are, not just where your thermostat is. Moreover, the Power Extender Kit is also included for C-wire-less homes, ensuring a hassle-free installation. Not only that, the Ecobee is exceptional in saving energy too. The Ecobee smart thermostat premium can save you up to $388+ per year from heating and cooling costs!

 Moreover, Ecobee has AC thermostats for you to choose from if you want. 


Standout Feature Reason To Avoid 
  • Beautiful design or bigger touchscreen 
  • Includes room or remote sensors 
  • Dual-band WI-FI 
  • Enhanced monitoring feature 
  • Expensive 


3. Nest thermostat E: Best Thermostat For Google Ecosystem


Dimensions 2.28 x 6.38 x 4.8 inches
Special feature Audible Alert
Type of controller Nest, Google assistance 
Price $167.70 



Let’s come to the next best thermostat. Nest Thermostat E is always in the top row of the best smart thermostats in the marketplace. That’s because it learns your heating or cooling preferences to optimize your comfort needs. 

It has an easy installation process, exceptional performance, and an amazing cool/ heating mode. The thermostat automatically runs the AC or furnace when it is required to keep temp within your designed range. 

Adding to the great features of this thermostat, it can help your schedule over time. It means that after a while of use, you don’t need to adjust the temperature manually. 

The Nest Thermostat E is the best smart thermostat with a modish design and a new frosted display blend into the background. Surprisingly, its energy-saving features can save an average of 15% on cooling bills or 10/20% on heating bills. 

Moreover, with the Nest app, one can see how much energy is saved or can control it from anywhere. You can also connect it with Nest and Google assistance. Thus you can adjust the temperature by voice commands making the thermostat easiest to use. 


Standout Feature

Reason To Avoid 

  • App control method 
  • Modish design 
  • Super smart 
  • Awesome valve 
  • It isn’t compatible with some HVAC systems 


4. SENSI Thermostat: Home Programmable Thermostat 


Dimension  1.17 x 5.63 x 3.2 inches
Special feature  Auto Changeover, Daylight Savings, Programmable, Filter Indicator, Geofence Technology
Type of controller  Vera, Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa,
Price  $125



In the quest to find the best thermostat, the Sensi thermostat is one of the most chosen brands. As part of a regular thermostat, you can take this portable pick without thinking twice. The thermostat is not only easier to set up but also offers customization options at affordable pricing. 

You may especially like the modern aesthetic design of the thermostat featuring smart alerts. Not only that, it also helps you to detect extreme temperature and humidity levels in your home. 

Another notable feature of this thermostat is that it has a circulation fan that improves indoor air quality. It does so by preventing the buildup of mold or parties and regulating temperature. 


Standout feature

Reason To Avoid 

  • Function with any kind of HVAC system
  • Control from anywhere via mobile phone
  • Smart alerts 
  • Usage reports 
  • Wi-Fi setup is finicky 


5. Ecobee3 Lite: Simplified Ecobee Thermostat 

Best Thermostats


Dimensions 1″ D x 4.05″ W x 4.05″ H
Special feature Door sensors, window sensors
Type of controller Google assistance, Amazon Alexa, iOS
Price  $149



Let’s meet our next smart thermostat from Ecobee- Ecobee3 Lite. The thermostat comes with well-price and sleek designs that add a touch of elegance to your living space. It is a game-changer thermostat for those who want to upgrade their home’s cooling or heating system efficiently. 

Along with the exterior configuration, the thermostat is incredible in its features as well. First, installing an Ecobee3 thermostat is straightforward, even for those who have limited technical expertise. The package has all the necessary hardware and clear instructions for installing a hassle-free process. 

The advantage doesn’t end here! Coming to compatibility with the Samsung smart devices, it adds another layer of versatility to the Ecobee Lite. It also smoothly functions with another smart device. It allows a synchronized and cohesive smart home experience. 

In the case of energy saving, the Ecobee3 lite is the top performer. It helps you to save up to 23% on yearly heating or cooling costs. Finally, with Ecobee3, you can elevate your smart home experience to a new height.

Standout Feature

Reason To Avoid 

  • Compatible with 24VAC HVAC system 
  • Smart thermostat without c


  • Function with remote sensors 
  • Easy to configure or install 
  • Doesn’t monitor remote room temperature 


6. Emerson Thermostat: HVAC Energy Cost Saver 


Dimensions 6 x 1.13 x 3.75 inches
Special feature Temperature Display, Clock Display, Programmable, Filter Indicator, Low Voltage
Type of controller Hand Control
Price $61 



If you are interested in a Homekit thermostat, the Emerson thermostat can be a good choice. The user-friendly Emerson thermostat offers easy legible characters or uncomplicated buttons for easy usage. Whether you prefer a programmable or non-programmable thermostat, you can adjust the reader of the thermostat to fit your lifestyle and temperature preferences. Plus, it is a heat pump thermostat that is compatible with most furnaces, heating, and heat pumps including dual-fuel systems. 

An additional feature of the thermostat is that it has an auto-changeover from heat to cool. Here temperature set point limit with adjustable max/min, and keypad lockout. 

Note that the Emerson thermostat isn’t compatible with serial protocol, electric dashboard heat, and certain other systems.


Standout Feature

Reason To Avoid 

  • Clear, large display
  • Easy-to-read backlit display 
  • Lockout keypad 
  • Duel fuel standard 
  • Bulb voltage 24 volts 
  • Isn’t compatible with an electric dashboard


7. Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat:  Z Wave Thermostat With Great Features 


Dimensions 5.75 x 1.5 x 3.5 inches
Special feature Smart response technology, selectable color touchscreen. 
Type of controller Google assistance, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa 
Price $50 -150 



Searching for a remote thermostat that offers a Wi-Fi-7-day programmable feature? Then look no further as Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat is there for you! 

Honeywell thermostat is a helpful connected product that ensures you can enjoy optimal comfort at home. If you own Honeywell home alarms or cameras, then the Honeywell T6 Wi-Fi thermostat can help integrate with your system. 

Moreover, with the Honeywell app, you can customize the schedule or temperature and check the weather forecast. It is also compatible with voice assistance devices like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and more. 

Along with other amazing features, the most impressive one is its ‘Vacation mode.’ The mode helps you to set the temperature when you’re not home. In addition, you can lock it to prevent the system from running unnecessarily. 


Standout Feature

Reason To Avoid

  • Effortless control
  • Self-learning 
  • Function with all voice assistance 
  • Energy-efficient 
  • Wi-Fi capabilities 
  • No backup battery 


8. Amazon Thermostat: An Affordable Smart Thermostat 


Dimension 90.4 x 90.4 x 21.4 mm
Special feature Temperature, humidity
Type of controller Voice control, Alexa app, Echo device compatible
Price  $79.99



When you are looking for an affordable smart Alexa thermostat to regulate your home’s temperature, the Amazon Smart Thermostat is a substantial option and the most budget-friendly model. 

In terms of features, it lets you control your heating or cooling system with Alexa voice commands or via the Ring app. It’s an ENERGY STAR® certified thermostat. That means it can help you to save an average of $50 on annual energy bills. Moreover, amazon smart thermostat installation is an easy process. 

So, it is a top-of-the-line option for those looking for a smart thermostat. All in all, it can help save money and has advanced features that are typically found on more expensive models.


Standout Feature

Reason To Avoid

  • Attractive design 
  • Responsive touch screen faceplate 
  • Affordable price 
  • Instinctive feature 
  • Wi-Fi supports only 2.4 GHz 

9. Sensi Smart Thermostat: Best Budget Thermostat For Apple Home 

Sensi Smart Thermostat


Dimensions  3.75 x 5.88 x 1 inches
Special feature  Daylight Savings Time Ready, Clock Display, Fan Control.
Type of controller  Apple HomeKit, Vera, Google Assistance, Siri 
Price  $119 



If you want a thermostat that works with numerous home automation and voice control platforms, the Sensi Smart Thermostat is our top pick for high-end models. It helps you save on your 23% of HVAC energy. It also has features like remote access, flexible scheduling, or usage reports. 

Installing a Sensi thermostat is an easy process. You can quickly do it with the built-in instructions or the step-by-step guide in the app. Using the Sensi app, you can control the thermostat settings to your preference and comfort. 

Also, you have a chance to monitor the current heating, cooling, or fan runtime through the mobile app. The best part about this thermostat is that it prioritizes privacy and will not share your personal information with third parties. It has a smart alert feature that detects the humidity or extreme temperature level in your living place.

Along with them, it helps you to monitor your HVAC system performance. It does so by delivering usage reports, equipment alerts, or maintenance reminders like filter replacement. 


Standout Feature

Reason To Avoid

  • On go control 
  • Works with multiple smart home integration 
  • Easy installation 
  • Smart maintenance  
  • Doesn’t support IFTTT


10. WYZE Thermostat: A Capable Smart Thermostat Under $100


Dimension  4.7 x 2.5 x 1.2 inches
Special feature  Programmable, temperature display, motion detector 
Type of controller  Vera, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistance 
Price  $89.99



Now let’s come to the last best pick from the list- the WYZE thermostat. The thermostat has all those features that one may want in the smart thermostat. For instance scheduling or learning. 

Moreover, in terms of installation, it is a completely DIY process. You can directly connect it to a home network and collaborate with other WYZE smart home devices. Plus you can also connect it with smart plugs, cameras, or doorbells

Also, you can adjust the temperature via your phone, no matter where you are, or turn it off when you’re away. You know, it also can be turned off or on based on motion sensors and phone location to save money. 

The WYZE sensors help you to get rid of hot or cold spots in your room and maintain a balance in your home’s climate. With the WYZE thermostat compatibility checker, you can check the heating or cooling temperature. 

However, the fact that it doesn’t have a touch screen is the only drawback of this thermostat. Apart from that, overall, the WYZE thermostat is a solid choice for those seeking an affordable or reliable thermostat option.


Standout Feature

Reason To Avoid

  • Easy DIY installation 
  • Control by app 
  • Function by voice assistance 
  • Works with other WYZE device
  • Doesn’t have touch screen 


How To Choose The Best Smart Thermostat For Your Smart Home? 

When you’re seeking the best smart thermostat for your smart home, there are several key factors that you need to consider before buying. Let’s check that out. 

1# Compatibility With Current HVAC System 

Before choosing a smart thermostat for your smart home, compatibility with an existing HVAC system is one of the crucial considerations. 

Certain types of HVAC systems may not be suitable for some thermostats. So, it is essential to check the HVAC before having any thermostat. Like – 

  • If you have a zoned HVAC system, you’ll need to choose a thermostat that shores up with zoning HVAC.
  • If you have a separate unit for a cooling or heating system, you’ll require a separate thermostat. Additionally, baseboards or radiant heat thermostats are specially designed for heat pumps. 

2# Requirement Of C-Wire

Most of the smart thermostats need a C wire (common wire) for function. 

So, if you don’t have a C- wire HVAC system, then consider a smart thermostat with no C wire. You can also use other means of power like R wire. 

However, some smart thermostats come with a power adapter which allows you to add a C wire to your unit. 

3# Smart home integration 

Buy a smart thermostat that integrates with your smart home integration or smart system. That’s because most smart thermostats can’t assimilate all types of controllers. 

This includes being able to adjust the temperature or other settings with voice commands by Alexa. 

#4 Motion Detection Or Temperature Sensors 

When you want to control the climate of a house, it is a smart idea to opt for thermostat sensors. It helps the thermostat to detect the temperature of different areas where the sensors are installed. 

By that, the smart thermostat takes the average reading to keep a comfortable environment around your home. Additionally, sensors are an important part of learning thermostats. It is because they record behavior or patterns and help adjust heating or cooling schedules automatically. 

#5 Price Rating Or Budget 

Certainly, you want a thermostat that fits your budget and meets your requirements. There are a lot of thermostats that are less expensive but offer great features. Consider your budget when you choose a smart thermostat for your home. 

Consider these factors before buying a thermostat for your smart home. By that you’ll be able to have a perfect thermostat that suits your preferences and your home interference. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]  


How To Install Nest Thermostat?

For the Nest thermostat installation, switch off the power of your HYVC system. Remove the old thermostat base and install a new base. Connect the terminal with the existing wires according to the Nest thermostat manuals. Lastly, install the new thermostat display and power up the electric supply.

How to reset the Honeywell thermostat?

Power off the Honeywell thermostat and remove the batteries. Place the batteries in the wrong way, with positive to negative and negative to positive. Wait ten seconds and put them back into their correct place. Turn the thermostat back on. 

How to set the Honeywell thermostat?

To set up your Honeywell thermostat, first press the ‘set clock day schedule’ button. To adjust the time, date, or year, use the arrows provided. Next, to set up a schedule for weekdays or weekends press the ‘schedule button’. Within the schedule, you can set time, temperature, and sleeping temperature for each day. Once you are done, click ‘done’ to finalize.

How to change the Honeywell thermostat battery?

First off, switch off the thermostat and gently pull out the cover from the base. Remove the old batteries and install the new AAA batteries. Now gently push the thermostat straight back against the well until it sets into place. The batter installation is done, now you can turn on the thermostat.

How to replace a thermostat?

Turn off the power to your HYVC system. Open the transparent cover of your old thermostat. Disconnect the wire from the backplate and remove the backplate from the wall. Install the new thermostat base and connect the wires to the terminal. Mount the thermostat control unit to the base and switch the electricity supply back on. 

Final Words 

Lastly, we can say that choosing the best thermostat in 2023 will no longer be a hard task after going through the whole article. A smart thermostat allows you to control the overall temperature of the heating or cooling system by monitoring the ambient temperature in the home. Among the various power options, choosing a smart thermostat can be an ideal decision for any tech lover homeowner. It not only offers simple installation but also boasts advanced features that cater to specific home needs.



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