Roomba Vacuums Review: Excellent Robot Vacuums

Keeping your home spotless and well-vacuumed can seem like a never-ending task. Once you clean up one area, another space must be cleaned. If you have a pet or children, then it becomes a continuous job. But fear not because Roomba vacuums are here to make your life easier. Roomba vacuums are high-quality robot vacuums that not only clean your house but also empty their own bin.


Due to their smart mapping technology, Roomba vacuums can navigate your home smoothly and easily avoid common household obstacles. This makes them one of the few robot vacuums that hardly ever get stuck. Therefore, if you’re seeking a brief Roomba review, check this article.


Smart Home Feature

Robot Vacuum

You can make your Roomba vacuum clean automatically when it senses that you’ve left home using the IFTTT technology. This feature uses your phone’s location services to figure out when you are away. Also, it can connect with other devices like an Ecobee thermostat or an August door lock, which utilizes similar IFTTT technology.


Whether you find this feature weird or innovative is up to you. This technology is pretty handy if you go to work most days. The Roomba vacuums also work with virtual assistants, especially the Roomba i7. You can easily set up your Roomba vacuum and mop with Alexa.


It’s very helpful when your phone isn’t near or if you prefer controlling your vacuum without the app. You just need to say, “Alexa, tell Roomba to vacuum underneath the kitchen table,” and it’ll get the job done. You can even create a cleaning schedule for your Roomba mop and vacuum so that they do cleaning daily for you.


For example, you can set the vacuum to clean every evening while you’re upstairs putting your children to bed. It’s a great feature, ensuring you come back downstairs to a very clean living room.


Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal


Roomba vacuums have a great feature where they can empty their own dustbin for around 60 days. This feature is available in almost all Roomba vacuum models, including Roomba s9+ and Roomba i7. They come with a special robot vacuum dock known as Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal. 


This dock not only charges the vacuum but also holds up to 60 days’ worth of dirt in its AllergenLock bag. This way, the dust remains out of sight, and the hands remain clean. The duration of holding dirt depends on how much you vacuum and how clean your home is. When the robot vacuum finishes cleaning and docks itself, you’ll hear the Clean Base kick in. 

Roomba vacuum

It has a blower motor that sucks the dirt from the vacuum’s dustbin into the AllergenLock bag. The dirt goes from the vacuum’s dustbin through a tube in the Clean Base before being deposited in the bag. There is a bag already installed in the Clean Base, and you even get an additional one in the Roomba vacuum package. If you ever run out of bags, you can buy a pack of three dirt disposal bags for $19.99. 


According to iRobot, these bags are made with four layers of material that block allergens, letting them catch 99 percent of mold and pollen. However, the Clean Base is a bit big and might not be the prettiest thing in your home. It’s about 19 x 12 x 15 inches in height, weight, and depth, which is much larger than a regular robot vacuum dock.


Automatic Recognition of Objects 

Roomba vacuum

Roomba vacuums, including the Roomba j7+, come equipped with automatic object recognition and avoidance. It means you don’t need to clean up much debris before letting the vacuum do its job. Roomba vacuums achieve this using iRobot OS technology, which enables them to identify and evade general items found on the floor. Currently, iRobot can detect pet waste, cords, shoes, and socks.


With this feature, the vacuum effortlessly cleans around shoes, cords, and socks. Also, if you want, the vacuum can capture photos and share them with you via the iRobot Home app. According to iRobot, they use the best standards of data encryption.


Smart Mapping Technology


When Roomba vacuums first came out, they didn’t have the smart mapping technology for all their models. However, in March 2022, iRobot released the Genius 4.0 update, bringing smart mapping to models like the iRobot Roomba i3. Roomba vacuums can make a customized map of your home’s floor plan in the iRobot app.


You can label every room on the map and then use your phone or voice commands to send the robot vacuum to particular rooms for targeted space cleaning. Unlike the iRobot Roomba i7+, j7+, and S9+, which utilize visual simultaneous localization and mapping technology to map your house, the Roomba i3 does not contain a camera.


Rather, it makes a map by moving around the edges of your room and feeling its way to detect walls and all other landmarks. The Roomba j7, with its advanced sensors, smart-mapping technology, and built-in camera, navigates your floors and tricky layouts without missing any spots for cleaning. 


It is important to note that the Roomba i3+ can remember only one floor. However, its pricier siblings, like the iRobot Roomba j7+, can remember numerous floors, which is handy for homes with more than one level.


Excellent Suction Power

roomba vacuum

These vacuums have strong suction power. The Roomba j7+ has 10x more suction power than the Roomba 600 series models, like the Roomba 675 and Roomba 692. You can use Roomba vacuums in your home to clean daily messes, as well as to clean cat food, dog food, kitty litter, chip crumbs, pet hair, and grass blades. 


In fact, the Roomba j7+ is the best Roomba for pet hair cleaning. Roomba vacuums have a three-stage cleaning method with dual multi-surface rubber brushes and an edge-sweeping brush that cleans up all the things in their way. Due to the edge-sweeping brush, the vacuum can even clean under radiators and the tricky spaces underneath kitchen counters.


The suction power of these vacuums is so efficient that they can clean your carpeted bedrooms well. Roomba vacuums are great at getting ingrained pet hair out of carpet fibers. So, if you have hardwood, carpet, vinyl, or tile in your home, these vacuums can handle cleaning all areas effectively.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to reset Roomba?


Firstly, open the iRobot Home application from your phone. Make sure your phone’s Wi-Fi network and the Roomba vacuum’s Wi-Fi network are the same. Then, click on “Product Settings.” Now, tap the “About” option. After that, click on the “Remove Device From Account” option to reset your Roomba vacuum.


How to empty Roomba?


To empty your Roomba vacuum, firstly, push the bin release switch from the Roomba vacuum’s back side. This button has a trash can icon. Then, take out the bin from the vacuum robot. Next, open the bin door by pressing the bin door release tab, which also has a trash can icon. Finally, empty the bin.


How much is a Roomba?


Roomba vacuums come at various prices. Their price starts from around two hundred dollars and goes over one thousand dollars. The normal price of the Roomba 694 vacuum is $275, however, the discount price is 160$. The best Roomba vacuums are priced from $239 to $1,099, based on the model you select. 


How to reboot Roomba?


Start by opening your iRobot Home app. Then, go to Product Settings. Now, tap Reboot Roomba. After that, push and hold the clean button of the vacuum Robot for around 20 seconds. Watch for a white light and listen for a short tune. It might take around two minutes for the robot vacuum to reboot. The reboot process is finished when the light ring turns off.




Roomba vacuums are totally worth their price. These vacuums appear to be very popular on the market. If you’re tired of dealing with excessive dirt, debris, and pet hair or don’t like vacuuming, buy these robot vacuums.


Your home will remain clean, and your daily household work list will get shorter continuously. It is hard to find any vacuum that beats the suction power, user-friendliness, and technology that Roomba vacuums have.


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