Does The Furbo Dog Camera Clear Your Anxiety About Your Dog?

Pet owners often buy various dog-related gadgets to make their dogs’ lives better. However, many gadgets are available, so it is hard to find the best gadget. The pet technology industry is evolving, and one company leading the way in this industry is Furbo. 


Furbo offers many services, including the new 360-degree dog camera and the “dog nanny” subscription, letting you virtually be there for your pet when you cannot be home. The only issue? It is a little bit pricey. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Furbo dog camera. Stay tuned for all the details.


Features of the Furbo Dog Camera


In 2016, the first Furbo camera came to the scene, funded by Indiegogo. An upgrade in 2017 brought the smart alerts feature, but not much changed after that. The new Furbo 360° dog camera is priced at $210, but the company was planning to start with a sweet deal at $149. 


Meanwhile, the traditional Furbo dog camera price is $199. Setting up Furbo is very easy, and the camera quality is amazingly good, though sometimes there’s a tiny delay. Also, there is a 2 step verification feature to log into your Furbo account, which makes the account more secure. 


Keep in mind that you will need a stable WiFi connection to use this device through WiFi.  We’ll guide you through all the features of this device, helping you figure out if it is the top pick to monitor your dog.


360-Degree Camera View

Furbo Dog Camera


A recent upgrade of the Furbo dog camera is that it can move around horizontally and give you a full 360-degree view. This is perfect if you’ve got a big space or a lively dog who always moves around. The Furbo 360 camera gives you clear video during the day and night. The camera is positioned at the top of this gadget.


It lets you see much of the room in which it is located. The picture quality is clear, so you can easily view what your pets are doing. There are three options for video quality, including 1080p. In a place where the internet is not so fast, you can make your videos play better by choosing a lower picture quality. 


This dog camera also has 4x zoom and night vision features. To make night vision work better, you may change some settings. You have a few modes to change: Auto-Detection, Always in Color, and Always in Black-and-White.


Treat-Tossing Feature


This device has an excellent feature known as treat-tossing that adds a lot of fun. The bamboo top of this device detaches to expose a special spot of treats. Furbo suggests using round, hard treats for the best outcomes. The Furbo dog camera app helps you introduce your pets to the treats by giving you a brief introduction. 


It suggests starting by offering them a treat close to the camera so they get used to it. You can pick the treats you like. However, the instructions say it’s best to go for treats that are round and about 1 cm in diameter.


Excellent Design


Furbo’s has an excellent design that fits right into your home, standing out from regular cameras and making it the finest dog camera for home. This device has a sleek hourglass shape. Its main body is white, and there’s a classy bamboo wood disk on top. 


The camera and the treat dispenser are located in the front of the device. It’s not a giant product, just 15 centimeters x 12 centimeters x 22.5 centimeters in size. So you can easily slot it on your kitchen counter, mantlepiece, or side table. 


Also, there is a status indicator light situated on the bottom of this puppy camera. This gadget is about 8.78 inches tall. Furthermore, its base is like an oval that’s 5.25 inches x 4.92 inches.


Barking Notifications

Furbo dog camera

The Furbo dog camera is the best pet camera with its barking notifications feature. When it hears your dog barking, the device shoots you a notification so you can peek at what’s going on. Depending on your dog’s barking, you can adjust the detection sensitivity. This device has an internal speaker and a microphone. They let you listen in and speak with your dog.

Want to scold your barking dog from a distance? Just click on the little microphone icon at the bottom right of this camera. Your voice will reach your dog, and who knows, the barking may stop. The barking notifications feature of this doggy camera is totally free.


Save Pictures and Clips for Free


With Furbo, you can capture adorable moments of your dog without any cost, making it the best indoor camera for pets. It allows you to save photos and 1-minute videos easily. Just touch the video or camera icons on the device’s screen when your dog does something pretty. 


The pictures and recordings are saved directly to your phone’s general photo album. Make sure to give the Furbo app permission to access all your photographs.


Furbo Dog Nanny


Furbo offers a premium subscription called Dog Nanny. It provides some additional features and costs just $6.99 per month. With Furbo Dog Nanny, you can get instant alerts, video recordings of your dog, and highlights of their day.


This feature lets you choose specific hours for the dog cam to be on. It can capture a picture of your pet’s face and transfer it to you. Also, with each Furbo Dog Camera, you will get a free 30-day trial of Furbo Dog Nanny.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Where to buy Furbo dog camera?


You can buy a Furbo dog camera from Furbo’s official website. The normal price is $199, but there’s a special deal. If you buy it with a 1-year subscription bundle of Furbo Dog Nanny, the whole package is just $49. You can also buy this camera from retail stores like Amazon, eBay, and Chewy.


Does Furbo work without WiFi?


Yes, Furbo can work without WiFi. To set up your Furbo account, you require your new Furbo Dog Camera, a WiFi connection, and your smartphone. Once the initial setup is completed, you can do Furbo dog camera login without WiFi,  whether you are at home or abroad. Just make sure your phone is online through internet services such as LTE or 4G.


Does Furbo Dog Camera work without a subscription?


Most of Furbo’s features come free, with no monthly payment needed. You can get Furbo’s basic features like barking alerts, live camera view, and tossing treats without signing up for anything. The only thing that needs a subscription is Furbo Dog Nanny, but that’s totally up to you, as it’s not an essential service.


Final Thoughts


If you are looking to buy a dog camera, Furbo is undoubtedly the best dog camera out there. It’s not just your ordinary indoor surveillance camera; it has some fantastic features made just for dogs, like bark alerts and treat tossing.


With the Furbo dog camera, you will get a helpful selection of alerts that assist in keeping your pet calm, safe, and happy. What is great is that it can even work as a security camera for your indoors. It is worth every penny, and it’s a perfect gift for dog parents.

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