Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair in the Market: 2023

We are now living a very busy life and seeking ways to simplify our daily tasks conveniently. As a pet owner, you cannot deny that you face challenges dealing with the furs of your pet. While your furry companion brings joy and companionship, their shedding can become a persistent issue. 

It is essential to restrict the orientation of allergies and unsightly fur scattered throughout our homes. To solve this issue, a robot vacuum for pet hair is a lucrative solution. These devices are intelligent, effective, and automated, helping you maintain a clean and fur-free living space. 

In this article, we will explore the 5 best robot vacuum for pet hair in terms of exploring the features, advantages, disadvantages, etc. Let’s check those out.

#Yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum

robot vaccum

After its launch in 2019, it has become one of the best robot vacuum for pet hair 2023. Yeedi Vacuum is equipped with cutting-edge visual navigation technology. This allows the device to map every corner of your living space accurately. 

It can effortlessly maneuvering around tight corners and inaccessible areas where pet furs accumulate. We must mention that its design is sleek and slender, which perfectly matches your home’s interior. 


  • It has a self-emptying system that allows hassle-free cleaning. Plus, it has a large 2.5L capacity bag to store dirt and furs. This feature makes it the best robot vacuum for pet hair self-emptying.
  • Yeedi vacuum features a suction power of 3000pa suction.
  • This device is empowered by the ability to autonomously identify carpets, increasing its suction strength and not mopping on carpeted surfaces.
  • It comes with a hands-free controlling option as it supports Google Assistance and Alexa.
  • Its adapter is powerful enough to ensure 20 minutes of operation on a single charge.


  • No need for frequent emptying. 
  • It has a powerful battery to offer extended run time.
  • The suction power is very effective for furs and dirt.


  • It cannot deal with little heavier dirt particles.
  • It is capable of storing only a single map.

#GOOVI D380 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

best robot vacuum

If you ask, what is the best robot vacuum for pet hair? GOOVI D380 robotic vacuum cleaner is a very good option. It has infrared sensor technology that ensures sophisticated and smart movement around furniture and obstacles. 

By having such an advanced facility, it ensures an optimal cleaning path for a thorough cleaning every time. Not only this, there are many more to mention to praise this product.


  • Its intelligent protection feature includes drop sensor technology to prevent accidents near stairs and ledges.
  • This device is equipped with 27° dual-edge sweeping brushes that reach hard-to-reach corners and hidden dust.
  • In the case of a low-charge context, the machine automatically returns to the charging station. So, for its charging, your intervention is not necessary.  
  • This vacuum cleaner supports multiple cleaning modes and a preset vacuuming time.
  • The Goovi D380 boasts a suction power of 1600 PA, which is nearly double that of most robots in this price range, typically rated at 1000 PA.


  • The device functions effectively on both low and medium-pile carpets. 
  • It automatically returns to the charging dock when the battery reaches a low level.
  • Utilizes dual side brushes to ensure thorough edge cleaning in all directions.


  • Lacks any containment features. 
  • Overlooks numerous areas during its initial cleaning cycles. 

#Lefant N3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Best Robot Vacuum

If you are searching for the best robot vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors, you must try Lefant N3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. N3 uses a unique approach to mopping by having a sonic vibrating toothbrush. 

Here, it can perform rapid scrubbing at an astonishing 12,000 times per minute. This cleaner is not only effective in getting rid of pet fur but also ensures highly effective removal of even the most stubborn dry floor stains.


  • It is equipped with an impressive 4000 Pa suction capability.
  • It accommodates a powerful battery (5200mAh) that can ensure 200 minutes of uninterrupted operation.
  • The N3 has a 160ml water tank that enables simultaneous sweeping and mopping.
  • This robot vacuum cleaner is integrated with a substantial 450ml dustbin capacity.
  • Lefant’s N3 incorporates Sonic Mopping Technology. By having this technology, it can deliver up to 12,000 vibrations per minute for thorough and efficient cleaning.
  • The N3’s carpet detection feature ensures that your carpets stay dry while in mopping mode.
  • The hosted LiDAR dTOF sensor ensures quick finding of the most efficient cleaning route throughout your home.


  • You can control your N3 with the Lefant app. It enables the opportunity for you to set No-Go zones and virtual walls.
  • The rubbish collection bag restricts frequent emptying while allowing extended cleaning sessions.
  • The large water tank simplifies your cleaning routine and saves you valuable time.
  • The machine does not require frequent charging.
  • The powerful suction capability ensures the collection of each and every fur of your pet from the toughest corners.


  • This pet fur vacuum cleaning device is expensive in comparison.
  • No self-emptying facility.

#Dyson 360 vis nav Robot Vacuum Cleaner

best robot vacuum

We must admit that, in our list of best robot vacuum for pets, Dyson 360 vis nav Robot Vacuum is the most exclusive one. This device exhibits a respectable level of power in the case of cleaning spaces and room edges as well. 

Most amazingly, its vision system is integrated with advanced intelligent navigation to spot the fur or dirt particles precisely. Dyson 360’s full-width brush bar cleans right to the edge. It is engineered precisely with a wide diameter to reduce tangling. However, there is more to know.


  • Its powerful provides 50 minutes of run time. The device smartly tracks battery status, returns to recharge at the dock, and then resumes the task.
  • Dyson 360 uses innovative dual-link suspension technology. In this way, the robot effortlessly conquers steps up to 21mm in height, ensuring it reaches its cleaning destinations without encountering any obstructions.
  • It is empowered by an advanced piezo sensor that conducts continuous real-time monitoring of dust concentrations. This sensor swiftly detects imperceptible particles as tiny as 10 microns. 
  • With the help of its 360-degree vision system, the robot cleverly assesses the environment.
  • The integrated HEPA filtration system effectively collects 99.99% of particles that are as small as 0.1 microns.


  • For bin emptying, it has a one-touch mechanism.
  • It can be controlled through the MyDyson™ app in terms of changing suction power, setting quiet mode, etc.
  • Customized cleaning option. You can set its operation time as per your preference.
  • The extended side duct ensures thorough cleaning right up to the edge.
  • Its slim design permits cleaning beneath furniture, while the accommodated LED light ring aids navigation in dimly lit areas and corners.


  • Its D-shaped design limits its ability to access corners. 
  • It exclusively focuses on vacuuming, lacking the features of mopping or self-emptying.
  • Expensive in comparison.

#Roomba i1+

bet robot vacuum

The iRobot Roomba i1+ performs adequately on bare floors. It is capable of managing small debris and pet hair effectively. However, we must inform you that when this vacuum cleaner encounters substantial, bulky debris, its dirt compartment sometimes gets obstructed. 

Its self-emptying feature is a convenient maintenance solution. It navigates well and effectively while doing a much better job of sealing fine particles.


  • The device is equipped with Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal.
  • The i1+ employs intelligent floor-tracking sensors to navigate in straight lines.
  • iRobot’s Patented Dirt Detect™ Technology equips the Roomba® i1+ with the capability to identify heavily soiled areas.
  • The associated iRobot OS offers autonomous cleaning.
  • Its personalized cleaning solution is empowered by iRobot Genius.
  • It has its Premium 3-Stage Cleaning System and 10 times the Power-Lifting Suction.


  • A self-emptying facility is offered.
  • The product ensures greater durability as the construction materials are sturdy.
  • The recharging happens very fast.
  • It has Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes.
  • Own emptying for extended periods. It offers up to 60 days of autonomy.


  • Degraded mopping facility.
  • Controlling through the app sometimes makes you frustrated.

Final Words

Selecting the best robot vacuum for pet hair is a critical decision as it can transform the way you maintain your home. We hope that our detailing on the mentioned vacuum cleaner will help you to make an informed decision. 

Finally, make the decision on the basis of how furry your pet is and the space allocation of your house.

People Also Ask

What is the best robot vacuum for pet hair?

Several vacuums can provide good outputs. Some must-mentioned are iRobot Roomba i1+, Dyson 360, GOOVI D380, etc.

Which robot vacuum is best for pet hair?

You can try the Roomba J7 or Dyson V15 if your pet is highly furry. These are heavy-duty items.

What robot vacuum is best for pet hair?

If you are looking for a heavy-duty robotic vacuum cleaner, you can go for the new Roomba j7+. It is a good item.

Which Shark robot vacuum is best for pet hair?

In the case of the Shark brand, the product named AI Ultra is the best one.

What is the best shark robot vacuum for pet hair?

For a robot vacuum from Shark, you can choose from Ultra or Shark RV912S EZ Robot Vacuum.


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